Episode #7: Professor Jacqueline Goldsby

"Teaching was always a high stakes, committed vocation for me. I experience it as my calling, there is nothing else I've ever wanted to do that was as compelling or as interesting to me. To this day, I remain grateful that this is what I do for a living."

A Spectacular Secret: Lynching in American Life and Literature  by Jacqueline Goldsby (University of Chicago Press, 2006)

A Spectacular Secret: Lynching in American Life and Literature by Jacqueline Goldsby (University of Chicago Press, 2006)

Beginning with the first episode, The Lower Frequencies has tried to listen and hear what it means to produce academic work in this moment. The show has asked: why do academics study and work in the realms they do? What were the inspirational moments that lead individuals to want to teach? Professor Jacqueline Goldsby provides a powerful answer to these question in this episode. Elaborating on her time as an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley and her deep archival research at a law firm after college, Goldsby opens up new ways of understanding the value of scholarship. These stories affirm the vibrant life and work of African American Studies, all the while recognizing how death has structured the very ways we can and should come to know the world.


As is often the case in this show, the resonances and relationship between history and memory are foregrounded here. Goldsby shared that she decided to enter graduate school when she was sure she “had something to say.” This was a decision that so many make, yet it is not one easily understood by most. With the precision and clarity so evident in her research, Goldsby gives a thorough description of how she came to graduate school and what research and scholarly work would look like from there on. And just as it has been clear in her scholarship over the last twenty years, it is vividly apparent in this conversation that we still have much to learn from what Goldsby has to say.

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